New Workforce Technology & Agriculture Training Center

Project Vision

SWAG视频West Virginia Community & Technical College has been granted $1.4 million through congressionally directed spending to support the establishment of a new heavy equipment operators鈥 program.

The funding will be utilized to acquire additional land for hosting the heavy equipment and training program. Procurement of various types of heavy equipment such as simulators, a mini excavator, dozer, dump truck, backhoe, forklift, and other equipment.

The current award would not be possible without the strong commitments and letters of support from our partners in the Potomac Highlands Region including the Hardy County Rural Development Authority, the Hardy County Commission, Bob B Excavating, LLC, ER Excavating and Utilities, LLC, and many more. We commend these organizations for their support in assisting SWAG视频achieve its first congressional-directed spending award.

Eastern鈥檚 Design Charette Meeting on April 29, 2024